Light blue prom suits

In contrast to the bluesuits, black suits have always epitomized the ultimate, classic look for men. But could that be about to change?

Recent trends have seen a different suit color gain in popularity, without sacrificing elegance or panache.

Light blue prom suits. In this article, I want to explore this trend. I’ll show you how to master the blue look, and I’ll explain a number of color combinations ideal to keep you looking sharp and cool. All without appearing attention-seeking or loud.

Black shirt and pants

The blackpant combination with a white shirt is always the formal pantshirt combination. If you have a khaki pant at home then it could make a perfect pair with a blackshirt. One of the best formal shirtsandpants combinations for men is when the powerful black

Of course they do! But the all-black look is not always your go-to attire when you’re dashing out of the house. To clinch a formal combination, throwing in pants and shirts together would be the best recourse but a blackshirt needs a matching shirt! If you don’t pair it up well your blackshirt outfit might.

How to fold a suit coat

Explore this How to fold a suit coat

To create this article, 13 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. … Suits, dress pants, and collared shirts often wrinkle in a suitcase and need to be pressed upon arrival at your destination.

While the best way to carry business attire is generally in a garment bag, with smart folding techniques, this becomes optional, rather than mandatory. Avoid paying for dry cleaning at your destination by learning to properly fold your suit.

Light purple suit

The purplesuit has the color and outrageous attitude that are designed to bring the party to you. There aren’t many occasions that require you to wear a purplesuit.

For reasons that are usually obvious you will never see lawyers in court wearing a Purple Joker Suit ever or any men on Wall Street wearing a garish styled color like purple. If you have Prom coming up and need a prom suit to cause a riot, purple will do the trick.

White and black suit

The timeless classic black suitwhite shirt and black tie combination will always be a foolproof go to combination. Ensure you have a white pocket square otherwise you’ll look like a waiter. Black Suit & Sneakers. If your suit is well tailored then it’s perfectly okay to wear sneakers. 

White leather will be your easiest option otherwise opt for some colour. Your sneakers must be clean!! … Nothing says nightclub lothario like the White and black suit combination. Ensure you complete this combination with a fitted black shirt and either lace up oxford or loafers. Black Suit & T-Shirt.

Keep it casual with a clean and well fitted white or black t-shirt. Your look will be perfect for smart casual events. Complete the look with black sneakers or a derby shoe. BlackSuit & Colour.